Transforming healthcare by inspiring and educating practitioners and their patients on personalized lifestyle medicine.


Metagenics Institute aims to be the most trusted educational resource supporting the movement to make personalized lifestyle medicine the standard of care in the treatment and prevention of disease and promotion of optimal health.


Metagenics Institute, was born out of the need to provide a platform for practitioners to be a part of a personalized lifestyle medicine revolution. Our website and social media channels have a diverse follower base of practitioners and patients in the US and across the globe. Today, Metagenics Institute is a trusted, peer-to-peer, and evidence-based educational resource for nutrition and personalized lifestyle medicine.

We're here to help: 

  • Educate practitioners and patients
  • Explain developing research and science in an easy to understand manner 
  • Promote the benefits of personalized lifestyle medicine


Eric Lundquist, MD

Medical Director, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center—Aliso Viejo, CA


Joseph Lamb, MD

Principal Investigator, LIFE-HOUSE study; Medical Director, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center—Gig Harbor, WA



Metagenics Institute was created to serve as an educational platform for you, the practitioner. Having a rigorous, dedicated resource to support practitioners and their patients provides the connectivity that we need to lead the movement to make personalized lifestyle medicine the standard of care in the promotion of optimal health.

Our education content at Metagenics Institute features cutting-edge research and thought leadership in nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and other key health areas identified by our readers as their top priority. Metagenics Institute was founded to help practitioners fulfill their oath. Together, we share the same goal: personalized health, one patient at a time. Change starts with the healthcare practitioner, and Metagenics Institute is here to help.

Nilima Desai, MPH, RD—Director, Medical Marketing/Education and Metagenics Institute

Mark Kaye, DC—Director, Medical Information

Melissa Blake, ND—Manager, Curriculum Development

Michele Hurst—Specialist, Metagenics Institute Digital Content

Victoria Thomas—Specialist, Medical Marketing


Metagenics Institute offers a wide range of educational content and resources across many health areas for practitioners and their patients. These resources include: blogs, videos, clinical tools, Science Reviews, Nutrition Masters Courses, complimentary continuing education, webinars and MAPS talks. Metagenics Institute also offers a growing number of “cornerstone blogs”—comprehensive, foundational science and clinical reviews on focused health topics. For example, our cornerstone blog on specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) presents a new paradigm for inflammation resolution.

Metagenics Institute publishes a newsletter with educational resources and announcements regarding upcoming events. Create a free Metagenics Institute account to subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter and other key updates!

Through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube), Metagenics Institute enables customers to stay connected and current on relevant research, news, and clinical practice guidelines. Our featured Metagenics Institute LIVE events take place on the Metagenics Institute Facebook and Instagram pages; these are a must-see, as expert guest speakers discuss current science and clinical pearls with host Deanna Minich, PhD.

Finally, Metagenics Institute sponsors a wide range of live educational events such as preconferences, symposia, and seminars. Also exciting Metagenics Institute is now offering online courses, featuring progressive clinical insights from Dr. Deanna Minich and from Dr. Amy Shah on gut and immune health as well as circadian rhythm fasting. We will continue to add relevant content to our online library.

We invite you to stay connected with Metagenics Institute, as we seek to transform healthcare together.

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The Oath

Metagenics Institute was founded to help practitioners fulfill their oath. Together, we share the same goal: Personalized health, one patient at a time. Change starts with you, the healthcare practitioner. Let us help.