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Hiding in plain sight: HDL dysfunction

Understand components and mechanisms of HDL particles, reverse cholesterol transport,
and how to treat dysfunctional HDL – an overlooked cardiovascular risk.

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The secret life of HDL


A complex protector

For decades we’ve recognized high-density lipoprotein (HDL) as a protector of the cardiovascular system. There’s truth to that concept, but it’s too simplistic.



In the last 20 years a growing body of research in top-tier journals has exposed a hidden truth to HDL particles – HDL dysfunction.


Needs recovery

Below is the story of HDL: how it functions, when it doesn’t, and how you can help your patients recover HDL function.

Learn more about HDL

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Labs to identify HDL risk

Learn which lab tests can help you better understand HDL and cardiovascular risk.


HDL-C testing


HDL-P testing


HDL mapping


HDL-size and density


Surrogate markers

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Treating HDL dysfunction


Research has shown that eating a Mediterranean diet helps reverse HDL dysfunction.


Research demonstrates making lifestyle changes such as exercise and smoking cessation can reverse HDL dysfunction.

MI_  Targeted Nutrition Bioactives

Targeted nutraceutical ingredients have been shown to support multiple facets of HDL and protect its function.

  • 1 Diet

  • 2 Lifestyle

  • 3 Nutrition supplement

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